Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I used to feed boo & bong pro plan lamb & rice dry dog food.
I was recommended to this brand 3 years ago & i realize it is actually quite food.
Their fur was growing well, no teeth stain & etc.
So i decided to let them continue this brand.
(fyi, i am very strict & careful towards what they eat)

At around 8 months ago, i was feeding them their dinner.
I found WORMS in their dry food, i pour the whole pack of dog food out and found MORE WORMS!
i swear i freak out & threw the whole bag away.
$$ fly, because it was 17.5 kg! 

But nothing is more important than their health.
I did a search on google and realize most of the brands face such issue.
Both dry and wet canned food.

PLEASE! DO NOT! feed your fur kids dog food anymore, it is killing them slowly.

I highly recommend you to made home cook food for your fur kids.
Food i recommend
-Carrot, Pumpkin, Sweet potato, Red & Green apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Minced beef, Salmon, Baby Peas (you can choose green peas, but baby peas is much sweeter),Barley,Oatmeal, Banana. Plain non-fat yogurt, Spinach.

My way of feeding them.Choose 9 items from the list to blend.
Pack them into small containers & store in the freezer.
So when it's dinner time, throw in one portion/container into the rice & let it cook.

Homemade snacks for them
Plain popcorn!

Breakfast for them
Green & Red apple + Blueberry + banana + Yogurt.
Barley + Green apple + Blueberry + Strawberry.

I have to agree it takes time to prepare all this, but it's our duty to make sure they are healthy right?
As i am ultra busy, I always blend food enough for 7 days, so every sunday i will need to prepare their food.
PLEASE make sure you store them in freezer else the food will spoil!


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