Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Saturday, Please come asap :)
Meeting two of my favorite girls.
My ah poh & reiee.

Haven meet up with reiee for super duper long. Miss her :(
Finally i'm gonna see her on saturday :)

on 1st april, it's bongbong's 4th birthday!

I totally forgot to buy a birthday cake for him & i'll be getting one belated birthday cake for him.

I found this little lovely boy when he was only 10 days old. I can't say much on how i found him.
He was super tiny & cute.
He is a big boy now but still damn cute. (quite obvious from the picture above)
my booboo is turning 4th on this coming 16th april :)
shall order a cake for him too.

I really thank God for all the friends & girlfriends around me.
Give me advices & shower me with love.
I know what i did was right. I obeyed & now i got more friends & they are really amazing.
They really love me for who i am & i love & treasure them too :)
I'm really thankful 
This is what i call true friends :)

There are friends that walk in & out of my life too.
I'm thankful for them too, but there is a reason for everything that has happen.
i won't hate or dislike because none of them are good for me.
Maybe our character are way too different to stay as close friends. 
So i guess just friends will do.


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