Friday, May 17, 2013


I have been really busy, as i've just shifted my office from geylang east to woodlands.

Went ikea to get some new furniture too.
Non stop packing & cleaning at the old office, after finishing at old office, unpacking and cleaning at the new office.

when i say nonstop, i mean for days.

But after seeing all the furnitures up and everything set nicely in place. I feel that it's all worth it :)

I cannot believe after 2 years break from blogging i still have people asking me question on formspring, all about my weight. hmmmmm. i wonder if it's from the same person. LOL.

because i don't want you girls to achieve my weight in a wrong way.

2 months or 3 months ago i was on a super strict diet. i lose control with my dieting & became addicted to my dieting. I landed into the hospital. As since young, i have health condition. My blood pressure & blood count drop pretty scary that period.

i know some of you going to say ' just fucking exercise!' yes i know. but when you have work from 10am to don't know what time everyday. HOW TO EXERCISE? :)
At times i work till 3am, 4am. 
So the only way to stay healthy is, CONTROL MY FUCKING DIET.

within 2 months i lost 13-14kg which cause me to slip into the underweight section.
My doctor which i have to visit every month got a shock when she saw me.
my friends around me started to get worried about me and ask me, WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU?
even my family & baby see me everyday, saw the changes which is quite scary.
i'm trying to gain a bit back, so i don't feel so weak all the time.

Troublesome part! I have to throw away allllllll my clothes. Esp shorts. it drop instantly when i wear them. LOL.

OKAY STOP THE DIET TOPIC. SO NO MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT MY WEIGHT & I WILL NOT BLOG ABOUT MY DIET PLAN! Because according to my doctor it's dangerous for people who got weak body. SO :X

Cooked for my mum on mother's day, burn myself 3 times straight on the same spot :(

The other night, B was asking me to cook chicken wings & i set my small oven on fire. 2ND TIME ALREADY :(
 I almost burn my house down. i am so terrible :(

finally tried the waffle from waffletown. But no to my liking, expected the strawberry to be fresh strawberry & not those in can. waffle was too hard. 

But i love the environment there. Calm, windy & awesome place for gathering.

I'm gonna get my ass back work :) tons of emails to reply.


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