Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Work + 10 things about me & 10 things i hate :D

Have been really busy working & COUNTING DAY TO B'S ORD DATE! hehehe.
Im glad it's coming :D

As i have been working like crazy, there nothing much for me to blog about :(
so... here's 10 things about me & 10 things i hate.
I picked all the questions randomly from different website.

# 10 Things about me

1. What is the one food/snack that i cannot live without?
- Fisherman's friend (lemon). I'll always make sure i have 1 or 2 packs in my bag :)

2. How tall am i?
- I'm 170cm tall. I always wanted to be 175cm but i guess i'm too old to grow any taller.

3. List 4 Favourite Movie?
- Iron man 1 to 3, i know it's weird for girls to like this kind of movie.
- Step Up (from the first step to step up revolution)
- Averages .
- Soar into the Sun.

4. Favourite Make-up brand?
- M.A.C & Clio FTW!!

5.  What are the 2 things i do before i sleep?
- Hug my boo & Bong & Set 5 alarm clocks. (I love to sleep. LOL)

6. 2 thing weird about me.
- the way i eat my food :D i eat my noodles with spoon which my friends find it weird, i love to put grape jam, 10 packs of pepper & chili sauce into my sausage mc muffin with egg, i eat rice with chopstick or fork.
- i love to buy snacks but i don't like to eat them. i will always ask my friends to finish them. LOL.

7. How do i control my temper?
- i swear i'm bad at this. I don't really get angry that easily but when something pisses me off damn badly, i'll start scolding & most of the time i don't know what am i scolding. I used to throw everything that is in front of me but of course i've changed. It's not good. Most of the time my bffs will suffer because when i'm angry, i'll start spamming their whatsapp nonstop until i feel better. They know thats the way i release my anger & got used to it. Thats why i love them :D

8. Favourite drink?
- ice water :D

9. If i have 1 free day to myself, what will i do?
- Get my nails & hair done, shopping, exercise & sleep :D

10. What are the factors i look for in a friend?
- Character & attitude :D

# 10 Things i hate about

1. Insects
2. People take me for granted
3. Thunder & lightning
4. Comparison
5. Doctors that treat all army guys is 'chao keng'. Really hate it.
6. Immature people
7. Phone batt die when i'm out & i got no portable charger
9. Kids behaving like monkeys in the public & worst of all, the parents think it's fine, Idiots.
10. Girls that try damn hard to be cute. For easier term, ACT CUTE. 

I'll try to post more pictures in the next post!


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