Thursday, July 11, 2013

help me help me

I'm heading to taiwan for a week plus on the first week of sept
BUT! I've never been to taiwan before so i need recommendation!
i have already booked my air ticket but not the hotel.

i need recommendation for hotels at taipei, tainan, hualian & etc.
ALSO! where can i eat, shop, nice scenery places, spa. 
I'm gonna travel with my mum. My mum is more of a scenery person, but i'm more of a shopping person. I even upgrade my mum's and my luggage weight limit to 35kg so i can buy more things. HAHA.

Leave the recommendation on my formspring alright? :D

I just came back from a short trip to batam with HP, twin & B. 
Twin & B was playing some stunts on the bed & B hit his head on this sharp edge frame.
Blood started dripping & i got a shock on my life.

Rushed B to the hospital after we reached singapore & the doctor don't give a shit about him because he is in the army. Most of doctors in the hospital got this mentally, army guys = CHAO KENG!(pretend to be sick for medical certificate)
The doctor never even look at his head & say there is nothing wrong with him. I was mad angry because B started talking nonsense, stare blank, laugh for nothing & cry for nothing. Fyi, he don't cry in the public. In fact, he don't cry. Making things worst, his eyes flip upwards twice & the doctor still dare to say 'there is nothing wrong with him.'
But treating B was my priority, i didn't want to waste my time fighting with the doctor, so i took him to my family doctor.
After all the check ups, found out that his brain's nerves shifted & he had a concussion.
But he is alright now :) so no worries.

I seriously don't understand the system for our local hospital. If the doctors is not going to take the army guys seriously, set a regulation. NO ARMY GUYS ALLOW.
At times, i really feel damn sad for our army guys. Serving the nation but being treated like this.
Oh wells, this is singapore. Nothing much we can do.

Felt so loved when i know i still have people reading this little space & having questions coming in on my FS.
Neglected this space for awhile as i have to concentrate on the business. I'm 23 this years, need to work hard for my future :D

So do bear with me, if i'm not updating that often as most of my time i spend it in my office, nothing interesting.

I will try to think of topics to blog about, else you can FS me any ideals :D


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