Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Was talking to mab about how many close female friends I have.

And I was really surprise by the number. Honestly, less than 5.
Its really difficult for me to trust a girl as a friend. I had too much bad experience with girls.

-bad mouth about me
-stealing things from my house
-being damn fake
-taking my kindness as weakness
-making used of me to make my friends becoming theirs.
and I can go on and on and on..

So its really difficult to find a girl as my true friend that I can share all my problems and worries.
For some, I can't with them certain topic, example my work. Because they understand the stress I'm facing is a whole new level.
When it comes to relationship problems, it's even harder to find someone that is mature enough to understand the whole situation and give you appropriate advices.I don't like it when I got relationship problem and my friend start to bad mouth about my guy. It is not helping or sharing my problems. In fact it is adding on to my problems.

But I really thank God that he gave me 2 girls that I can share with them every single things. Be it good or bad. I really love the both of them a lot and I really treasure them.
*thanks mab, thanks charis*
They are just 2 amazing special girls in my life.

"no friendship is an accident."

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